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Show information about the visible map layers.
Search for Building or Quarry Stones
Search for a Quarry or Building:
Use these tools to search the building stone
dataset for either:
  • Stone Buildings
  • Building Stone Quarries
Search for Buildings or Quarries within
Mineral Planning Authority (MPA) boundaries,
which contain specific stone types.
Go to Location
Building or Quarry Search
  • Building or Quarry Names (e.g. Boxley)
  • Building or Quarry ID (e.g. 1234)
Gazetteer Search
  • Place Names (e.g. Keyworth)
  • Post Codes (e.g. NG12 5GG)
  • Grid Reference (e.g. 520000,180000)
  • Map Sheet (e.g. TQ38SW)
Search for a location by name, postcode,
grid reference or map sheet.

County Atlases: Select an atlas from the list for more information about building stones within each area.

County Spreadsheets: Data for each county is available in Excel spreadsheet format here.
View one of the Strategic Stone Study
regional atlases.
Print Map and Search Results
Print Results: Open a printable map window,
which includes tabular results
of the current search operation.
Note: Pop-up blocker must be disabled.
Print out a copy of the current results.
Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2016

This Building Stone web application allows you to access the information held within the Strategic Stone Database through a map-based interface.

Accessing the data

There are several ways to access the data held within the map.

Navigating the map

To pan: left-click on the map and drag.
To zoom: Drag the vertical slider on the left of the map, use the mouse wheel, hold down the Shift key and drag a rectangle, or use the 'Go to location'.
Get feature details

Left-click on a feature on the map will return details of that feature. If you have not selected a map feature a window will appear providing information about the superficial and bedrock geology which can be found at that location.
Using the results window

Map Buttons

Button - Legend

Click on the 'Legend' button to display a key for the available data layers. The opacity of the geology layer can be adjusted using the slider.
Button – Search for Building or Quarry Stones

This tool allows you to identify which stones are found within a particular MPA region, and perform a search to display those sites which match a specified criteria. For example, search for all Stone Buildings, within Bedford Borough Council which contain Great Oolite Limestone.
Button - Go to location

This button allows you to search for a number of things within the map. You can search for gazetteer information such as place name, post code or grid reference, but also search for site names or site Ids. Search results will be returned with a prefix which explains what type of result it is, such as Building, Quarry or Gazetteer.
Button – Utilities

Within the utilities button there are two available tools:
Tool - Printable report

A printable report can be generated which will display the currently visible map extent, a data legend and also any tabular search results. This report can be printed or exported to PDF file from within your browser.
Tool - Load Atlas

This list shows all the available Strategic Stone atlas documents which provide further information about the stones found within a particular region. Select one from the drop-down list and click ‘Load Atlas’, which will download the file in Adobe PDF format.
Browser Compatibility

The Strategic Stone Study application have been tested in multiple web browsers, however we reccommend using a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best performance.